Your WordPress Training Options

Classes and Workshops

WordPress training equips you with the knowledge and skills required to manage your WordPress website with confidence. Read on to learn more about my WordPress training classes and workshops for individuals and small groups.

It’s time to take back control of your website.

Have you ever felt frustrated by the unresponsiveness of a website developer or agency? I know I sure have. If you don’t have control of your website, it could take days (or even weeks) to implement small changes.

With the fluidity of today’s business economy, that just doesn’t work.

My Group WordPress Training Classes and Workshops

Do you need two or more people available to manage and update your business website? If so, my in-person WordPress training will give your team the skills the need to be successful with this responsibility. I’ll meet with your staff as a group to teach them basic to advanced WordPress–customized for their specific needs and goals.

This training is perfect for:

  • In-House Marketing Teams
  • Everyone on Your Small Business’ Payroll
  • A Group of Top-Level Management

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My Individual WordPress Training

Do you need a personalized, one-on-one training experience? Then you’re probably looking for my individual WordPress training. I’ll meet with you virtually or in-person to walk you through everything you need to know about building, managing and updating your WordPress website.

This training is perfect for:

  • In-House Marketing Specialists
  • Business Owners
  • The staff person who got tasked with managing the website–lucky you!

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Give your in-house team control of the company website.

Do you ever get frustrated or behind schedule due to an unresponsive website developer or agency? Unfortunately, you’re not the only one. Too many business owners have too little knowledge about managing their website.

Lack of knowledge sometimes creates an uncomfortable dependency upon website developes.

With my WordPress training, I can help you remove the middle man. You’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills you need to run, maintain and update your company’s website – all without having to deal with poor communication from third parties.

Get started with WordPress training

Step 1:  Let’s talk about your goals

Before we begin, I’ll sit down with you and discuss your goals. Understanding what you want to accomplish help me customize your company’s WordPress training to your unique needs. This is also a great time to ask any additional questions you have about the process.

Step 2:  Schedule the training

Once we’ve agreed on dates and times, I’ll provide a payment link via email. After payment, expect to receive some valuable resources based on your company’s unique goals to prepare you for the training.

Step 3:  Put it into action

During WordPress training, I take you through the steps of building and managing your WordPress site. Arrive prepared to get involved, take notes and absorb a lot! Whether we’re meeting virtually or in-person, my interactive lessons will equip you (or your team) with exactly what is needed to be successful.

What to expect during WordPress training

If you want to sit through a lengthy PowerPoint presentation and generic handouts, this probably isn’t what you want. I’m here to provide you with an interactive, hands-on experience every step of the way.

  • Get access to resources for a stronger foundation and preparation.
  • You get two customized training sessions (4 hours per session).
  • Receive an additional 3 months of on-going email and phone support from me after the class.

Stop struggling with WordPress or unresponsive website developers.
Contact me today to get started!

Reach Emily Testimonials Course Details(844)972-6224

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